Berlin-Based Rapper JuJu Rogers Releases New Project ’40 Acres N Sum Mula’

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Berlin-based rapper JuJu Rogers shares his new project ‘40 Acres N Sum Mula‘ via Jakarta Records. The 10 track album delves into JuJu Rogers’ psyche and explores his identity with themes of spirituality, while reflecting on the struggle of building a career in hip hop while remaining real. With production that flows from laid back hip hop to contemporary trap, JuJu’s multi-faceted identity is in the spotlight.

Born to an American GI out of New Orleans, and a German mother with Austrian roots, JuJu was raised in Schweinfurt; a southern-German city filled with stationed US Army troops. From this, he was exposed to a rich New Orleans musical heritage, alongside the German way of working precisely and accurately. These cultural influences have manifested into a unique perspective, which accounts for the depth on his latest LP.

“Forty acres and a mule refers to Special Field Orders No. 15, a promise made by the United States government for agrarian reform to aid formerly enslaved black farmers. Approved by president Abraham Lincoln, the field orders were written 1865, and specifically allotted each family a plot of land no larger than 40 acres (16 ha) plus a mule for the agrarian reform effort. I changed “a mule” into “sum Mula” in order to place the legitimate struggle for equal rights and reparations into the context of our current capitalist world and underline the historic connection to the very beginning of today’s society. Sound, lyrics and vibrations represent a mixture of ancestral spirit and contemporary characteristics and lead you through the self-reflecting and rebellious thoughts of a black man born and raised in Germany.” – JuJu Rogers

Listen to ‘40 Acres N Sum Mula‘ below!

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