ILLSOCIETY TV: Joyrich “My Little Pony” Project (Interview)

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JOYRICH interview by Tania Espat

My little Pony has been around for almost 30 years. Whenever you see My Little Pony you automatically think creativity, color, and children. For those that are not aware of what in fact was happening on May 5th, 2012, besides all those “Cinco de Mayo” festivities or the Mayweather vs. Cotto fight let me give you the rundown. On that day, Joyrich had partaken in the “My Little Pony Project 2012” where they had a My Little Pony Night Out, showcasing a custom art exhibit My Little Pony. The pony was custom made by Malcolm Stewart and David Melgar + the Joyrich team. The custom pony was being displayed/ auctioned for a charity event for The Children’s Hospital that will be displayed until May 26th. Along with that there were free giveaways from Hasbro, fashionable multicolored outfits, in store discounts, and a wonderful energy. Myself with ILLSOCIETY Magazine was honored to be able to interview the two designers Malcom Stewart and David Melgar whom designed “La Ponique Manifique”. During my interview I asked a few questions on in their input from fashion to the actual charity that was taking place for the children. It was an amazing experience and each designer is unique in their own way and very kind. I would like to thank the whole Joyrich team, the designers, and especially Timothy whom I communicated with to make this happen, plus make sure to stop by Melrose to check out the shop.

Video by Brennen Scott
Video Editing by Matthew McReynolds

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