99 Neighbors Release New Track “19″

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Vermont’s 99 Neighbors continue to take 2019 by storm with the unveiling of an introspective new track and visualizer titled “19.” “I’ve been lost (lost). Keep it honest” is heard through the low percussion combined with choral vocals as each artist reflects on their quest towards self-discovery.

“This is the first song we made after releasing our last album ‘Television,’ and was the first song we made this year,” 99 Neighbors share. “It’s representative of where we were at, we were making music because it was all we had. We made the song before the album had received any attention from labels and before many of our new fans discovered us. The song started an experiment in form and structure that gave us the experience we needed to create our next single.”

Watch the visuals for “19″ above, and discover more of 99 Neighbors music here.

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