Plainfacedgirl Lends Her Voice & Communal Confusion In Her New Single, “How Come?”

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Alternative r&b artist, plainfacedgirl, has released a new single called “how come?”. The mysterious songstress layers bedroom pop with alternative rhythms to create a single that speaks to her generation.

Written in the midst of an identification haze, plainfacedgirl wrote “how come?” to amplify her misunderstanding of the world we live in. Feeling her voice was falling on deaf ears, her soul broken down to definitive social norms, plainfacedgirl found herself asking why things are the way they are, why she is discouraged from living a life outside of the norm.

Learning her worth and discovering her sexual desires, plainfacedgirl uses “how come?” to encourage others to live their lives the way they envision it, not the way others want them to live their lives.

Listen to “how come?” below.

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