Midnight Phunk Shares Video For Debut Single “Shawty” Feat. Jamilah Barry & Airborn Gav

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North London based producer Midnight Phunk has been creating and exploring sonics under the umbrella of R&B for some time, producing for the likes of ItsNate, Sophie Faith and J Warner. Today he steps out to release his debut single “Shawty” on UpperRoom Records.

“Shawty” opens with a minimal piano riff, lingering throughout over a scattering drumbeat. The track is quickly graced by the honey-toned vocals of singer, and Midnight Phunk’s long-time collaborator, Jamilah Barry, while rapper Airborn Gav soulfully glides his way through the track, creating a left-field modern-day R&B duet.

“I like to bring different vibes together to create something the universe hasn’t necessarily heard” – Midnight Phunk

Watch the video above, and cop the song here.

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