UK Rapper Jeshi Shares New Video For “30,000 FEET” Feat. Celeste

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UK rapper Jeshi shares a new video for “30,000 FEET” feat. Celeste, the latest single from his new EP BAD TASTE out now on Because Music. The video directed by Charlie Robins begins as a home-video morphs into a trippy visual spectacle. Celeste vocals act as the perfect foil to Jeshi’s raw delivery. Both artists fade in and out of computer screens, their daily lives juxtaposed against the blunt lyrics. At one point, Celeste throws a birthday cake into the street and lights her cigarette with its flame, a parallel to the harsh truth she sings: “Nothing is forever.” The psychedelic edits create a mesmerizing video that matches the dizzying, awe-inspiring heights the song takes its name from.

Watch “30,000 FEET” ft. Celeste above, and check out the new EP here.

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