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Founder and Creative Director of Married to the Mob aka MOB, Leah McSweeney has stepped up her game in fashion industry. Mainly known for being the daredevil in women’s casual and basic wear with a mean graphic’s game to add a little “umph” for the ladies, Leah has announced in previous interviews about her upcoming self-titled new label “Leah McSweeney”. Creating and heading towards a new direction of a more upscale and “lady like” line to enhance and branch out her brand. Her new collection consists of: cute basic dresses, daring swimwear, really girly yet trendy T’s, and her over-the-top yet classic leggings. Expect a lot more to come from this new collection it’s in very high demand! Here’s what her team had to say on the press:

“Created for the MOB with slightly more sophisticated taste, the line consists of gorgeous leggings, vibrant dresses, sexy swimwear, and some cute tops for good measure. Released in small quantities to ensure max quality, everything is made right here in good ol’ NYC, and it’s pretty much like getting to buy a piece of Leah’s wardrobe. Inspired by her favorite trends and what she’d personally like to wear, it’s a total embodiment of her overall style.”

Check out her new collection here .

- Susan Canchola

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