CafexGutz: Sunglasses and Advil (Single)

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Single: Sunglasses and Advil
Artist: CafexGutz
Released: June 1, 2012

Once the ciroc is all gone, and the rozay has lost all of its bubbles, when all of the blunts are burnt out and the drugs have all been used up… “Sunglasses and Advil. Last night was mad real.” It’s more than a dart from Kanye. That’s the prescription for after the after party.

And it’s also the new song from CafexGutz. “Sunglasses and Advil”. The single’s artwork features a Barbie doll in matching sunglasses and hoop earrings bumping rails of that good good. The video features girl on girl tongue action, champagne thoughts and bud light money, stupid drank and stupid pills. It’s got that purple amerikkkan flag swag to it with the stars and the stripes. You can double cup your styrofoam to it, drop jolly ranchers in your drank and the whole nine.

It’s a celebration for all the nights you can’t remember from wildin’ out 4 much. And the morning after. It’s a house party anthem.

CafexGutz pours the lean out in sunny San Bernadino, California. They are an 8 man crew, and this song features only 2 of the 8, so they must bang the slang all across the board and come with mad flavors as a collective. iNF, short for, produced the beat for “Sunglasses and Advil” and also kicked the first verse on the song. Young Tarantino is the other featured emcee on the track.

“Quit basketball in high school, smoke kush and eat thai food, sunglasses, no night school… westside till i die fool.” – Young Tarantino.

and yes… the westside till i die fool is slowed down in traditional pimp c trill fashion. Expect big things from this clique. They’re bubbling moonshine on their side of things.

you can catch them on facebook or twitter @CafexGutz

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