Dom Kennedy: The Yellow Album

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Album: The Yellow Album
Artist: Dom Kennedy
Released: June 19, 2012

You can catch a contact high through your speakers bumping this shit right here. This is west coast pimping at its finest. You can dip down the ‘shaw to it, you can cruise Sunset boulevard with it, you can even rock it in your headphones on the blue line. Just make sure you turn it up loud when you do.

The Yellow Album is full of summer time anthems. It’s for the honey dips and the players stacking their grips. It’s everything Take Care isn’t. While Drake tends to get on some corny simping shit at times, Dom got some true mac daddy soprano in him . A key ingredient in creating pimpadelic classics. He even got Too $hort to feature on the album. And whether you are maxing out at Venice Beach or the neighborhood BBQ, no backyard boogie will be complete this summer without playing something from this album.

The production is solid throughout the entire project. It’s smooth as classic g-funk but with a digital twist for 2012. That keep things updated and crispy. It’ll definitely get you throwing your hands in the air if you grew up in the 90’s. Chase N Cashe produces the Kendrick Lamar assisted cut, “We Ball”. Polyester produces “Hangin'”, featuring Freddie Gibbs, who stays thuggin’ while he’s “mobbin’, posted up, chillin’.” Troy Noka and DJ Dahi pour amaretto out your speakers while THC, DrewByrd and Fly Union all bring something potent to spike the punch when it comes to the beats on this project.

Stand out cuts include “Lately”, “My Type Of Party”, and my personal favorite, “Gold Alpinas”, with Rick Ross barking some smooth player shit alongside Dom to keep all the girls stripping at the pool party.

“in us, we trust
hoes down, g’s up
spend money, re up,
school days, free lunch
never quit, keep up
gotta hit the weed once
sky high, reach up
we don’t like police much
one nation, teach us
god bless, peace up.”

– Dom Kennedy on “Lately”

Some people might hate cuz they don’t see Dom Kennedy around Leimert Park.. being that the crown jewel of underground hip hop in LA. But Dom is repping that part of the city hard and making solid inspirational music on a positive tip. Plus, if you can’t pull a girl with this album banging in your trunk, you really don’t got no game. And at the end of the day, you can’t be mad at that. Don’t hate the player, hate the game The album ends with a message of peace and happiness.. and on that note: slide over here and get that!

you know ya man’s drop jewels

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