BJ the Chicago Kid: Pineapple Now-Laters

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Album: Pineapple Now-Laters
Artist: BJ the Chicago Kid
Released: Available now digitally

This is spottieottiedopalicious. It’s future sex sounds for sure. The evolution of neo-soul continues. It’s blue like Muddy Waters, but in soprano. BJ the Chicago Kid croons syrup like pro-meth and stays soulful as a crate of records. Like Jaheim, or Rafael Sadiqq, or Anthony Hamilton, it’ll take you to church. It’s like Frank Ocean, but a little more grown.

Check his pedigree, having worked with everyone from Dom Kennedy, to Thurz, to Ab-SoulBJ may rep Chicago but he definitely is showing a lot of love to the city of the black mamba.

Pineapple Now & Laters reflects a range of emotions. It’s painful at times, but it always hurts so good. It has moments of celebration with “Sex X Money X Sneakers”. And you’ll wanna hit it in the morning while listening to “Sex Is The Best Breakfast”. The middle of the record is slow for your white wine and candle light moments, and on the whole, it’s a mood ring project, suitable for kush fire and twilight, while remaining smooth as silk.

It’s something you can appreciate with a “box of band-aids in your escalade”… if you trying to cut.

The record gets harder and funkier towards the end. On “The World Is A Ghetto”, Kendrick Lamar waxxes poetic as Langston Hughes with his feature accompanied by some horns on the song which will make you wanna bend corners slow in a cadillac.

K,Dot returns again on “His Pain II”. You can feel the agony in his voice as it cracks telling us his story. The drums kick in after nearly two minutes of Kendrick rapping like the Club Paradise tour hit the Cotton Club, and then BJ finishes the track in true D’Angelo fashion.

Other stand out cuts include “King Kong”, “I Want You Back / Lady Lady” and “Fly Girl Get ‘Em”

BJ the Chicago Kid has crafted a record that takes R&B back to a place it hasn’t been in a long time. Somewhere that commercial radio forgot. You’ll hear this on the Wave before you do on Power 106. Put it in your cd changer with Jhene Aiko. You won’t catch him throwing champagne bottles at the club, but you’ll be glad he keeps blessing you with soul like this.

Make sure you buy it on itunes and support.

-you know ya man’s drop jewelz.

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