Knxwledge: Knt.remember

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Album: Knt.remember
Artist: Knxwledge
Released: June 29th

There are a lot of good things coming from having all these new forms of media. One thing is finding out (through Twitter) a beat tape done by producer Knxwledge was released the other day. There is no stopping this Philly bred beatmaker. Filled with snippets of crooning vocals, varying rhythmic structures, and full of heartfelt beats Knt.remember was a nice treat for the weekend. Even though the tracks are kind of short, I couldn’t get enough of “Allineedis”, “Didntkare”, “Myluhv(Mylyphe)” and “Softly”. Knt.remember is well worth the low cost of $8 bucks, for it will give you that cloud nine feeling while driving down the coast. The kid had also released 2 other beat tapes this month, which you can catch on his bandcamp page.


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