Artist C. Kirk

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C. Kirk, (Dallas, Texas) spent more then a decade rambling across the country consuming legendary amounts of booze, sex, jail food and misadventure. He decided in 2005 to turn his insatiable appetite towards becoming a successful artist, it worked, he is now featured and in private collections around the world. He is a contemporary artist focusing on figurative and the majority of his paintings and drawings are monochromatic though untraditional media such as tape, coffee and tobacco ashes are used for texture. His latest body of work is haunting and beautiful drawing from myth, literature, evolution, anthropomorphism, natural instincts and human connection, though, Kirk says the new collection is an attempt to simplify his life.

‘Art created between collections is kind of like having rebound girlfriends between serious relationships. Experimenting during these periods is usually how I stumble upon the look of upcoming bodies of work. After spending so much time on my stylized monochrome collection 2011, I have decided to go completely freestyle and embrace my versatility again. I really feel the need to make art without latching onto a peticular medium, style or look, just paint whatever and however I want. I Can Paint With Anything.’

- Erin Leigh

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