Large Professor: Professor @ Large

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Album: Professor @ Large
Artist: Large Professor
Released: June 26th, 2012

In this generational time frame what is categorized as “hip hop” has become very questionable, but it is undeniable at first listen that Large Pro’s latest project is an exact connotation of the word.

New York, hip hop producer-emcee (and often overlooked iconic legend) Large Professor, brings us a hip hop gem with his latest release, Professor @ Large. The 15-track album is full of raw, rugged, boom bap beats and rhymes that will have you reminiscent of hip hop’s golden era, set with features with the likes of hip hop veterans M.O.P, Busta Rhymes to new mic grabbers like Action Bronson.

The album starts strong with the b-boy stance ready “Key To The City”-making you wish you could break out the locking and windmill headspins. Busa Buss (Busta Rhymes) assists Extra P on “Straight From The Golden” gabbing with his signature flow. Large Professor shines through tracks like “Focused Up” featuring Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi which bring a rugged street vibe lyrically and production wise. “Mac Don Illz” featuring Mic Geronimo & Grand Daddy IU is a smooth track reminiscent of Pro’s Main Source days. The album’s most potent track is delivered with “M.A.R.S.” featuring Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon– showcasing some of the east coasts best lyricists .

Whether you are familiar with Large Professor through his production, affiliation with Nas, Main Source, or if you’re just being put on the man right now, Large P is a household name in the culture you need to pay homage to. With a 20+ extensive career it is safe to say that Large Pro is as hip hop as it gets and this project in hand proves it. Prof. manages to deliver (in a sole project-track after track) the hip hop sound that is almost non-existent in the existing evolution of the genre. Professor @ Large breeds that original 90’s east coast sound in 2012, placing all those who lived the era, back in a whirlwind of nostalgic memories and has those of us, hip hop enthusiasts, who were a tad bit too young to even recall it, appreciative and wishing we could trace our birth a decade back. This is one of those albums that may be overlooked in 2012’s releases, but without question all true hip hop lovers (old, new, young) should have within their collection. You can cop it here.

-Stace Fresh

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