Domo Genesis and The Alchemist: No Idols

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Artist: Domo Genesis and The Alchemist
Mixtape: No Idols
Released: August 2, 2012

The Alchemist is back on the boards again with another one of rap’s young popular potheads, Domo Genesis, with the collaborative project No Idols .

We all know that Alc always comes correct on the beats (that’s not even a questionable subject), so let’s redirect focus on Domo. The Odd Future member manages to compliment all 11 produced Alchemist tracks on this project precisely- with also a little assistance from fellow spitters Prodigy, Space Ghost Purp, Action Bronson, and Smoke Dza, to name a few.

No Idols sets off in a right tone with “Prophecy” where Domo Genesis spits “…[he’s] just focused on the goal cuz [he] know[s] where [he’s] headed. If [he] could help it [he] gon’ die a legend… ” all over hypnotizing electric strings and deaded-low piano keys.

The project’s most notable tracks include the Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson & Vince Staples assisted “Elimination Chamber”, the jointed (pun intended) Smoke Dza “Power Ballad”, and “Till The Angels Come” featuring Prodigy & Freddie Gibbs.

Production credit and solo effort shines through tracks like “The Feeling” where Domo makes us feel like joining his festivity as he recites- “one for the dough, two for the hoes…if you feel it like I feel it, then you need to go get it. We gon’ run it from the bottom till’ we sitting on the ceiling. Pop bottle after bottle…” The sympathetic “All Alone” samples a beautiful Portuguese melancholic ballad setting a forlorn tone coinciding with Domo Genesis’s lyrical content (aside from the grunts in the background, this track gains prestige).

The Odd Future member’s most prominent solo attribute to the project seems to be evident in the metaphorical personification of that bomb dank in “Me and My Bitch”. Domo Genesis’s notable persona reaches through this track as he declares his eternal love for the herb.

No Idols closes out with the equally titled track featuring none other than comrade Tyler, the Creator. The track is nothing special, Tyler spits with that typical lividity, but it isn’t until you fast forward to the 1:27 mark that the track calls for a worthy listen.

A lot of us have become somewhat hesitant over the course of a year to consider interest to what any of the OF gang puts out (yes, I think most of us feel a little let down or have just gotten over the hype), but this should be an exception to that.

Domo Genesis proves to be one of the Odd Future members we can still hold respect to with No Idols. It also didn’t hurt to have full on assistance by one of the most gifted and sought after producers in the game. And with that being said I suggest y’all cop this project here and give Domo a little praise for this superior effort.

-Stace Fresh

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