Holly Thoburn

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Up and coming artist Holly Thoburn is taking her impression of inner city life to the canvas so softly that anyone would be happy to hang a piece on their wall. Drawing from the beauty that most do not see, her work is the layered translation of old tags, peeling and bubbled posters and rusted covered railings. It is edgy and raw yet beautifully done with such a delicate touch that it has her standing proudly on the bridge between über contemporary and the underground art of the streets. Holly, originally from London, spends most her time traveling to places like Berlin, India, New York and Australia. By summoning the cities walls to canvas, she is able to recreate these surroundings and the work is her unique way of recording her experiences. “I’ve been inspired as much by a graffiti arrayed doorway in East London as a crumbling, rusty shack in India”. 2012 is definitely her breakout year so if you have a chance to get your hands on one of her pieces, now is the time. www.hollythoburn.com

-Erin Leigh

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