LA Featured Artist Max Neutra

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Max Neutra produces imagery that contains the fusion of live audience mayhem and total self control. He started his career painting live on the streets of LA in bars, galleries, clubs and festivals and while working in a quick, messy fashion, it is here where he developed his distinctive style. Over the years Neutra has built his reputation as one of the cities premier contemporary artist gaining commissions from Toyota, Warner Brothers and Jack White. Though proud to live and spend most his time painting here in LA, he recently began his global infestation, traveling and working throughout Europe and Asia. He met other local artists and continued to develop and open his own unique perspective. This year Neutra joined forces for the epic Urban Legends show here in Los Angeles and produced his original painting ‘Communion’. Staying true to his genre of extraordinary but adding this deeper perspective, ‘Communion’ takes Neutra that much closer to the pinnacle of fine artist not only in LA but in the world. Check out more and find limited edition prints for Communion at

-Erin Leigh

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