Interview: The Pro’s & The Con’s (Pro’s and Con’s Flagship Store Opening)

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Pros and Cons is an upcoming brand that is rapidly going from blip on a screen to FLASH on everyone’s radar. Coming from a tulmultuos upbringing littered with gang violence and accompanied by traveling the country freight train tagging. Pro’s and Con’s head honcho (who will remain nameless) is assembling something that reflects the true meaning of the term “Street Brand.”

On Friday August 17th Pro’s and Con’s made a pivotal landmark on the Los Angeles Street Fashion scene by opening a flagship store along the highly trafficked, soon to be infamous Figeroa Corridor. Naturally we were on the scene to see history take place. Things were a buzz amongst vibrant music. There was food catered by El Pollo Loco and drinks by Jarritos.

Midway through the night I was able to grab CEO of the “P” to gain perspective of what the brand is and where it is going. This is how it went.

EE: Tell us a little about yourself along with Where Pros & Cons Came from.

P & C: Pros’s & Con’s started sometime in 2006. I first put up the website ( in 2007 and we started being carried in physical stores like El Mercado, Tradition & Brooklyn Projects in 2008. Pro’s & Con’s something that I always saw myself doing. Recently I was able to find and get this spot, I feel like were in an important place with USC down the street and the Expo Line right here we’re somewhere that is really changing and coming up. We’re a little early but its a whole lot better being early than it is being late.

EE: In the past couple of years it seems like it’s everyone’s hustle is having a clothing line and a lot of people are here today then gone tomorrow. What would you say is the difference between Pro’s and Con’s and other street brands.

P & C: The biggest difference between us and other brands is that we put concentrated emphasis on our graphics, we don’t just slap images together and print shit. From the inception of the idea to drawing it up and printing we take our time to make sure everything is just right before we sell it. Another thing is that Pro’s and Con’s is basically a one man army, I wear a lot of different hats. I’m the CEO but I’m also the Shipping/Receiving guy. A really big thing is that I really am from the street. I was heavy into graff but even before that I was actually from a neighborhood. I got jumped into the hood at the age of 12. From the age of 14 to about 23 I was doing things that…weren’t so good so it isn’t just street style for me, it goes WAY deeper than that. A whole lot of Blood, Sweat and Tears have gone into this brand.

EE: To follow up on that last question…What are your future plans for the brand. Where is Pro’s and Con’s going?

P & C: The thing about the scene in Los Angeles is that you get to witness a lot of brands come up but unfortunately there are a lot of people who don’t make it for whatever reason. I’ve seen a lot of spots close in the past and that drives me even more to learn from whatever they went through and better myself. In the future Pro’s and Con’s is going to only be available exclusively at our own stores and every piece we put out will be different. Imagine going to a party and seeing that ten other people have the same piece on you do. That is something that in the future we will be known for. From designs, cuts and color ways all of our pieces will be fresh and limited.

EE: What would you be doing if you weren’t doing Pro’s and Con’s?

P & C: You know its weird, I always knew I would be doing this or something like this…something creative…When I was 17 I moved out of my parents house and traveled doing graffiti. I was pretty well known from painting trains because freight trains go EVERYWHERE so all sorts of people would see my work. So I would meet people who knew my pieces and would let me crash or whatever. I was going from town to town couch surfing and painting. In those years I learned more about myself and the world. Ever since I can remember I always had an “Ownership Mind set.” I knew that I was going to eventually do something myself for myself.

EE: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Before we close out are there any shout outs you want to give?

P & C: I don’t really have any shout outs but I want to say THANK YOU to every and anyone who has ever taken the time out to support Pro’s and Con’s, spread the word or even slide through to the store and check out our stuff.

-Eric F. Estrada
All photos by Ivan Trejo

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