Words To Live By With Werc

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Werc Interview by Erin Leigh

Werc presented MYTHOGRAFF this month in his first solo show in Los Angeles at Crewest Gallery. MYTHOGRAFF, a collection of myths, is a continous exploration of myth culture, consumerism, rituals, archetypal language and design. Werc was born in Cd Juarez and raised in El Paso Texas and says border culture was one of the main influences in his work. “Inspirations come from logos, symbolism, architecture, urbanization, the humor and nostalgia in specific immigrant cultures because I see the beauty in their creative micro-economies that develop sustainability and affordability; which lead to creations of participatory and collective art projects with intentions of dissolving all borders and deceptive forms of separation.”

Another huge influence was graffiti, his urban teacher, and Werc spent the last twenty years with a spray can, exploring the deconstruction of the medium constantly reinventing his own practice eventually taking it to canvas. In MYTHOGRAFF you see first hand how capable he is with his multiple techniques, in the “Axis Mundi” series he uses defined, clean lines pushing the boundaries to create photo-realistic portraits, in the “Ojo de Dios” series he explores the opposite with his loose technique allowing the paint to fall on its own terms. MYTHOGRAFF also features Werc’s classic style of multi media collage exploring the language of globalization and the conditionings put on us with marketing.

The collection is the perfect showcase of Werc’s talent and he is no doubt a force in the art community also producing beautiful photography and wall murals that will seriously blow your mind. The colors alone are insane but up close and personal his technique magnetizes you into a deep stare only to have you snap out of it a few minutes later wondering what just happened. Werc is what happened and if you’re lucky enough to come across one of his pieces, enjoy the trip. Right now he is participating in the See No Evil street/graffiti mural collaboration in Bristol, UK. He took a few minutes to catch up with us for this weeks Words to Live By

First wall you ever painted?

My neighbors and I used to ride around the hood in our bikes. Sometime around 89/90 I racked some paint from the back of a furniture store, named our bike riding group “Flash”, then got that up around the neighborhood. Then in 1992 on my way to school I ran into a friend and he invited me to go tagging. We walked a few blocks into some tunnels and ditches and it was then I was formerly introduced to graffiti.

Favorite down time activity?

Getting out around nature.

Music you’re inspired by right now?

Too many to list, but here’s a few: psychedelic cumbias, Nobody, Ghostface.

You leave tonight, you go anywhere in the world, where do you go?

Untampered sacred sites.

Something you feel really passionate about?


What’s next?

I am traveling with my crew (COI), right now in Bristol, UK. painted a couple of walls at SEE NO EVIL, an annual street art/graffiti event that draws over 50,000 spectators. Then to Wiesbaden Germany for MEETING OF STYLES commemorative event and collaborative mural. Afterwards, looking forward to painting a couple of other spots out here.

Words to live by?

Living the Dream, Wide Awake.

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