Digital Diamonds: In Spite feat. Kurt

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Single: In Spite feat. Kurt
Artist: Digital Diamonds
Released: September 3, 2012

Jonwayne and Scoop Deville together as Digital Diamonds bring forth a superlative Nirvana sampled, dark-twisted track with “In Spite”.

The ticking track features the late Kurt Cobain, sampling vocals off Nirvana’s “In Bloom”. It is Jonwayne that goes off into the first verse, keeping that obscure feel of the track within his lyricism. He makes a bold approach with the statement “I’d rather have ten fans and know where the fuck I’m at, than a million who split when the trend falls flat”. Scoop Deville’s verse is far more appealing to the minds comprehension, making the listener pick up on a few worthy lines.

Even if you aren’t all that familiar with the sounds of Nirvana, the alternative-grunge pick sets “In Spite” to be enjoyable to the ear and worthy of production praise.

-Stace Fresh

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