Big Sean: Detroit

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Mixtape: Detroit
Artist: Big Sean
Released: September 5, 2012

“I give her the D… cuz that’s where I was born and raised in.”

Detroit. Home to Marshall Mathers, Ford Motors, J. Dilla and Binary Star. And now that Big Sean is Finally Famous, it’s also the name of his latest release, marking his return to the mixtape scene. And yes, Big Sean is giving Piston fans everywhere a reason to break out their throwback Isiah Thomas jerseys.

And while the G.O.O.D. Music signee was helping ratchets everywhere make that mother fucker hammertime, I was unsure if the god deserved the Big moniker. I mean,Big L, Big Pun, and the Notorious B.I.G. seemed to be on a whole other level in this generation of Lil’ Waynes, Lil’ Mama, and Young Money. But as Sean continues to drop quality 16’s, he just might be able to fill those Big shoes.

This mixtape gotta soulful feel to the production, and that’s a welcome relief knowing that Detroit is the birthplace of Motown, and what’s more soulful than that? The drums do have a little trap house twist, but that’s a given if you’ve been paying attention to these snapback and tattoo type trends. Big Sean got beats laced from Young Chop, Hit-Boy, Lex Luger, Da Internz, and more, so expect some of these joints to slap in the whip.

There are also a lot of cameos on this tape. Big Sean got bar work from Juicy J, French Montana, Tyga, J. Cole, Royce Da 5’9and Black Hippy’s own Kendrick Lamar. The Dat Piff release even features bonus cuts with Wale and Wiz Khalifa. Chris Brown sings on “Sellin’ Dreams” and Jhene Aiko drops her sultry songbird stylings on “I’m Gonna Be.” Big Sean also got Common, Young Jeezy and even Jhene Aiko to recall their memories of the Motor City on the skits for the mixtape.

A couple of the joints are kinda blazay blah tho… I ain’t fucking with everything on this tape. There’s a lot more here for the Fendi rocking bottle popping ballers than the gritty streets of the D. But some of these joints can’t be fucked with, like “FFOE”, “100” and “Higher.” Expect get money anthems. Big Sean wants a 24 karat casket when he dies, or let it be known that he didn’t get enough paper in his lifetime.

“seems life is never at a standstill, even in a photo
thinking’ about the ex-girl i hold tho
like ooh-wee i want it all or will i have lost it all
like ocho
the things i think about the most are things i’ll never know tho
like… why don’t schools teach more mathematics?
less trigonometry and more about taxes
they at the chalk board teaching us ass backwards
how about preparing us for life instead of lab rat us
with a mansion that’s about 5 floors
no one sleeping on the couches cuz we got 5 more
with the fam that reminded me what i’m alive for
and at the same time remind me what i die for
a world where you wouldn’t need sleep
that way we could catch up instead of chase dreams…”

Big Sean on “24K of Gold”

Yeah.. there’s even some introspective shit here that might make you question the powers that be… (oh oh oh oh OK) “I Do It!” Bump this while you’re riding around the city and getting it… swerve. Download the mixtape here:

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