A$AP Mob: Lord$ Never Worry

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Mixtape: Lord$ Never Worry
Artist: A$AP Mob
Released: August 28, 2012

What can you expect from a crew that A.ssvssinates $.niches V.nd P.olice in order to A.cumulate $.tatus V.nd P.ower?


Expect pit bulls to run loose off of their collars barking and snarling in the background of the beats. Expect vocals to be screwed down like jolly ranchers at the bottom of double cups of pro-meth. Expect coke and white bitches, you know… It’s that nasty baby crack in the sock 90′s shit with a twist of Harlem World on the flux-capacitor to splash you with that new new in 2012.

Part Bone Thugz ‘N’ Harmony, part No Limit Soldiers, and crossbred all the way from Houston to the Mecca of this hip hop shit, Lord$ Never Worry is the A$VP Mob’s manifest destiny. Older heads might be thrown for a loop expecting New Yitty to still sound like Hell On Earth according to Havoc’s old drum machines… but don’t be turned off just cuz there’s some swag mixed in with the grittiness.

P On The Boards even samples drums from Shook Ones Pt. 2 on “Jay Reed” with A$VP Twelvyy & Da$h. And yeah, you might say they bit a little something something spitting lines like “scared to death, he scared to look, he shook…” but what better way to pay homage to the infamous Queensbridge murderers than to catch some new jacks slipping on the late night. How many lines has Hov stolen from B.I.G.? Point taken. Sometimes its just about paying respect instead of swagger jacking.

And sonically… this album is on the cutting edge. E-Smitty brings the heat for A$VP Ferg on “Choppas On Deck.” Clams Casino will have you creeping on your bitches and burning blunts over looking the water at the port with his slow smoke infused beat on “Freeze” with A$VP Rocky and Jim Jones. Benson Graves laces the crew with fire enough to have Shallah Raekwon of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan feature on “Underground Killa$”. And even A$VP Ty Beats keeps the dope uncut with “Banging On Waxx”.

The beats paint a picture of the city in a similar manner to the way El-P did with his work on Def Jux. And with as many producers as there are throwing in on the pot with this mixtape, it’s amazing how seamless it sounds. Don’t go into this project expecting to hear poetics like Nas or Blackstar. You know what I’m saying tho? These are 40 ounce anthems to get your dick sucked to… it’s not rocket science, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A$VP Rocky is similar to Snoop in the fact that it’s about his flow and his delivery more than what he’s saying. That’s the key element of style here. A$VP Ferg is off the wall in the same way that Mystikal spits, and it might sound like he went full retard at first, but there is a method to his madness.

Medusa faces turn me into stone
Versace killers and Ralph murderin’ Dior Hommes
My skinny niggas fuckin’ bring the chrome
The only thing I’m killin’ is a microphone
Now let my little niggas take you home
One straight to the dome
Better ring the alarm, Fergy’s home
Ever taste the chrome? Way far from a silver spoon
Sing your lullabies, watch your mother and your brother cry
Fuck your sister’s brains, causin’ mental homicide
Motherfuck your life, fuck your family nigga, fuck your wife
I be down for life (A$VP) be my brothers for life
Big money, talk to me nice
Talk to me nice or don’t talk to me at all
Grippin’ that mack, now he grippin’ the floor
Ra-ta-tat-tat let it split through your jaw
Laid on your back, whispering Lord, bet he couldn’t see his death
Berrettas under the leather, he couldn’t see this tech
Teflon vest for those who test
A bunch of niggas getting throwed, call me Jazzy Jeff.

-A$VP Ferg on “Choppas On Deck.”

This is one mixtape that gets better with every listen. Don’t let the hateration fool you just cuz the Mob is on top of the game right now. It’s not a flawless mixtape, or even 5 mic worthy in The Source, but it is original, and it’s banging, and what more could you ask for? These are some young cats who aren’t afraid to be themselves, they are setting trends, not following them. So crack a brew, crack a bitch, and crack a philly. There are no Socrates philosophies or hypothesis here, but this is some ol’ hip hop shit, parental discretion and all that. Just don’t end up sniffing bath salts cuz all you can think about is dope, money and hoes.

Download the album here.

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