Sego Y Ovbal “The Power Of Public Art”

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At this years Festival Foco in Oaxaca, graffiti artist Sego Y Ovbal finished his latest mural showcasing his signature folk mexican culture with prehistoric, organic animals, plant hybrids and intricate detail that would seem almost impossible.

Ovbal spent his younger years on the coast of Oaxaca, it is here where he found his passion for nature and surf, then as a young man living in Mexico city his impulse to paint began. With no other outside influence he began painting only what he knew best, the hard life of the city and the appreciation for nature he had found on the coast and, with the blend of these two opposite experiences, he began to breed his own unique style. It is also here in his beginning where he realized the opportunity was huge to be able to gain public attention by creating art in a public space, especially when you have something to say. Through the years his craft has expanded and his voice has grown to be loud and distinctive, which is true for all the greats, yet his powerful beliefs of the importance of spirituality and it’s connection to the environment and to the future of society do not force themselves upon you, instead they have that zen like capability of whispering it very loudly in your ear. It is these beliefs that Ovbal paints for and it is because of these passions, mixed with some serious talent, that he as emerged not only as one of Mexico’s leading graffiti artists but also as one of the elite graffiti artists around the world. .

‘Public art is a powerful weapon. It’s a weapon that has the power to define how a society is living and what is really happening and what must be done for it to change.’

- Erin Leigh

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