Audrey Kawasaki “Midnight Reverie”

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Its hard to pick a ‘favorite’ artist, it’s like trying to choose a favorite song or movie, almost impossible, we have to say though whenever someone asks, LA artist Audrey Kawasaki is one of the first to float to our minds, we love this girl and to say we’re excited about her new exhibition Midnight Reverie is putting it lightly.

Born in Los Angeles, Kawasaki is best known for her fusion of Japanese manga comics with Art Nouveau. Her sharp graphic imagery of sweet yet seductive women placed on the natural grain of wood panels have created themes of contradictions and her work has been named both innocent and erotic. There is always a magical side to Kawasaki’s work and Midnight Reverie carries her traditional aesthetic yet added colors and creatures takes us to a deeper state of dream that we’d like nothing more then to jump in and swim, we like where we’re going.
Midnight Reverie will be at John Levine Gallery, NYC Sept. 8 – Oct. 6, 2012

- Erin Leigh

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