Stoney: Lost

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Single: Lost
Artist: Stoney
Released: September 25, 2012

“…Fuck it I’ma keep it trill!”

Stoney comes equipped with bold wordplay and a fun quick-witted delivery on her debut single “Lost”, off the upcoming EP release Hate Stoney.

“Lost” displays this Oakland emcee’s ability to spit raw while maintaining a very frisky tone, making this track a banger! The female spitter makes it clear that she “runs these hoes”, forget all the “manikin, ass injected, and silicon” bitches running the scene, Stoney is where it’s at!

Stoney takes a few lyrical jabs at the “lost” ladies in the music industry that are far more concerned with their image, sacrificing lyrical talent.

“…ohh you got sex appeal?
You can’t rap
Fuck it, I’ma keep it trill!”

Even though the breakout single isn’t lyrically anything out of the ordinary, the track posses a flavorful sound that’s quite enticing. I’d like to describe it as “female genetalia meets Schoolboy Q” type sound. “Lost” is one of those tracks that after two, three, four listens you’ll just find the yourself with the repeat button on lock.

There’s definitely something about Stoney!

Hate Stoney EP drops November 2012.

-Stace Fresh

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