World Premier & Interview: “All Gold Everything” With Trinidad James

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Jay-Z may want everything in all black, but when it comes to Trinidad James… he wants it in gold. Gold Rings. Gold Chains. Gold Watches. Gold Cazals. You get the picture. James is on his Lebron shit for real, and he’s about to boil over like gumbo left on an open flame. Representing for ATLiens everywhere, Trinidad James can hang out with the coke dealers and the real killers and still be about the people on some Larry Hoover shit, although he’s probably about the molly over the Lindsey Lohan. Let his audience get a little bigger and 2 Chainz is about to have some heavy competition.

His mixtape, Don’t Be S.A.F.E. dropped in July and got chopped and screwed in September. He definitely got some bangers on there that will make the ratchets turn the fuck up. It mos def will knock in your trinunk. While in Atlanta, ILLsociety got invited out to the world premier of Trinidad James‘ new video, “All Gold Everything.” It was hosted at the Plaza Theater, and the spot was packed, baleedat. A-Town got love for its own, and the Gold Gang was in full effect as Trinidad James‘ video debuted on the big screen and was played back several times.

There is plenty of gold in the video, a couple of tech 9’s, a puppy dog, and did I mention the gold? Yeah, All Gold Everything. Make sure you check the video at the jump. This shit should blow like cocaine, yaddamean? You heard it here first.

ILLSOCIETY got to pick Trinidad James‘ brain after the theater cleared out, peep game.

ISM: We out here in the ATL, fresh with Trinidad James at the World Premier for his new video, “All Gold Everything.” Do you got anything that’s not gold?

Trinidad James: Nah bruh… everything gold. If it’s not gold, you ain’t winning. So i gotta have everything gold, c’mon man.

ISM: So why tho? What’s the power behind gold?

Trinidad James: I mean, it’s really just a winning mentality. You know what I’m saying? Gold is first place. And I just wanna be at the top. I just want to be successful. You know what I’m saying? So that’s what it’s all about.

ISM: What about everyone who plays it safe? Can you let them know why they shouldn’t play it safe?

Trinidad James: I mean, the only thing about it is that playing it safe, literally, that’s good. But the acronym or whatever, if you don’t be S.ensitive A.s F.uck E.veryday, you’ll probably have a better life. I’m just saying. That’s my personal opinion.

ISM: That’s why you go balls to the wall. Like they say life begins where your comfort zone ends.

Trinidad James: Amen.

ISM: You know what I’m saying? Word. Your persona kinda reminds me, with all due respect, of Sho ‘Nuff in The Last Dragon. Have you had to make some people kiss your converse?

Trinidad James: Nah man, I’m not the type of guy man. I don’t do that. I just walk and dap everybody up. I’m not that type of guy. You can kiss the shoes tho. Real talk. Know what I’m saying?

ISM: What makes the south so dirty?

Trinidad James: I mean, I’m a say it’s not really dirty, it’s just real bro. The south is real. It’s like real life shit. Know what I’m saying? You can die. You can live. You can make money. You can be broke. It’s on you. Yup. Your life’s outcome is based on you.

ISM: What do you got coming up next? What’s in the plans for Trinidad James?

Trinidad James: Man… you gotta stay tuned man. Just grinding and building or whatever. Just be careful. I got some real good surprises. I’m really big on surprises so you just gotta stay tuned man.

ISM: All right, all right. Where can people get your music?

Trinidad James: ‘Ey man… Live mixtapes or whatever. Don’t Be S.A.F.E. And it’s all there man. Google me man. I’m everywhere, c’mon!

– you know ya man’s Drop Jewelz.

All photos shot by Cali Grindz

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