Strange Obsessions with Paul D’Elia

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Strange: unusual, extraordinary or curious.
Obsession: the domination of ones thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc..

‘Strange Obsessions’, the title for Paul D’Elias new solo show is just that, an unusual domination of curious feelings manifesting a persistent desire for the extraordinary images presented, in other words, totally affecting. It is multi-dimensional and completely filled to every corner with mad style and sophistication. It has the power to grab you, keep you and slowly lead you down as many paths as your able to handle, a journey that we highly recommended but, and believe us when we say, proceed with caution, an obsession for the work will most likely kick in full effect, it may feel a little strange.

D’Elia is a master at screen printing, his prints and collage are so refined and intricate that they hold a sense of knowing that can only come from an obvious talent with experience. He is probably best known as head designer for Quicksilver and their world wide popular line of men’s t-shirts, he also designs for numerous album covers and gig posters, many included in the wildly successful Something from Nothing exhibit in Los Angeles, 2010. Some of these gig posters are also on display along side Strange Obsessions at Cella Gallery, N. Hollywood until October 13.

– Erin Leigh

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