Trash Talk: 119

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Album: 119
Artist: Trash Talk
Released: Oct 09, 2012

The new Trash Talk album 119 is everything you could expect from a Trash Talk album and more featuring tracks that bleed metal eating acidic blood laced songs that beat the shit into your ears with a barbed wire covered brick bat. Trash Talk was recently signed to Odd Future Records & 119 is a product of their collaborative efforts. There are a couple surprises in 119 the sound is signature T.T. but there is a split song with guess who… label mates Tyler The Creator & Hodgy Beats. Opening track “Swinging to Pieces” is a precursor for the tone that the rest of the album will take and if you know anything about Trash Talk you can rightly assume that it will take you through a rough and fast trip through the preverbal gutter that is this life.

My personal favorites off 119 are “Reasons,” a slower but nonetheless steadily unrelenting and (in my opinion) the most rhythmic and lyrical track along with “FEBN” which was released about a month ago with a video directed by Tyler The Creator. The third track off the album is something a bit new and should easily prove itself to be the most controversial & bloggable track off the album featuring Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats. How do they get along in a hardcore song? You’ll have to take a listen to the album and find out. Every track metaphorically holds the hands around the neck of the next in the musical riot that is it 119 but stand out… repeat offender tracks are “Bad Habits,” “Eat The Cycle,” “For The Lesser Good” is probably the best song off 119. It is TRUE hardcore song in every way possible… its only fault is that it’s a miniscule 29 seconds. Outro track “Apathy” is a finishing kick fatality to a well-trained work.

You can purchase the album here.

-Eric Estrada

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