Iggy Azalea: TrapGold

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Mixtape: TrapGold
Artist: Iggy Azalea
Released: October 11, 2012

The First Lady of the Grand Hustle team , Iggy Azalea is back with her latest mixtape offering TrapGold.

The 1stDown (FKi) and Diplo produced 11-track project, continues to shine light to the Australian rapstress’ electronic-hip hop sound that we first heard on her “My World” single in 2011.

TrapGold includes the standout single “Back To the Future (My Time)” which receives a bit of production help from the notable Tiesto. Iggy manages to keep her grimy, southern-trap indulged rhyming steez throughout the whole project.

“Yo El Ray” showcases Iggy taking full control over a Diplo, BroSafari, and FKi beat that goes hard every time she repeats “Diplo, Diplo, Diplo, Diplo” on the hook. “Down South” is reminiscent of her breakout viral sensation “PU$$Y” (off Ignorant Art), creating a fun and raunchy anthem for the ladies. Iggy uses a minor break from all the hyped up production, midway through the project, as she slows it down on “SLO.”, where she speaks on conflicting emotions over love and reminisces on a failed relationship.

“When I call sometimes I wish you’d pick up
But most days the call is declined. It’s okay, I don’t give a fuck.
You outta sight, so you outta mind
I’m doing alright, No I’ma be fine
I gotta few candidates standing in line
Broke up before but it wasn’t like this
Got many regrets, I wish I could rewind
Damn. We both got our lives so it’s no surprise
The Schedules conflict and we can’t coincide
My heart’s cold, feels like I got no insides
We rushed it to the finish line, we should have took our time
…If I could try this shit again? Real shit I’d probably do it
That’s why it’s hard to act like you someone I’m really through with”

( Sounds like this could be an open letter to her speculated romance with Harlem rapper, A$AP Rocky?)

TrapGold boasts merely one feature on “Flexin’ and Finnessin” in where, Three 6 Mafia rapper, Juicy J gives that extra touch that aids in making this track the highlight of the entire mixtape.

Iggy Azalea’s TrapGold is a well balanced project between today’s electro-house inspired and rap saturated music which continues to commercially dominate. The Grand Hustle rapstress’ debut album The New Classic still rests without a release date, but in the meantime the Australian rhyme sayer keeps her ‘Azaleans’ satisfied with TrapGold. Make sure you cop it!

-Stace Fresh

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