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At The Echoplex, Just Be Cool in association with Rock The Vote hosted THE POLITICOOL PARTY more or less so our generation can learn and express their feelings and thoughts on the 2012 presidential election. Included in this THE POLITICOOL PARTY, aside from the killer line up – Iman Omari, Yonas Michael formally U-N-I , Polyester the Saint, and Hip hop group Overdoz – was a mini debate over who is the better optimistic Presidential choice for America, conveyed by USC student, and Romney supporter Maddie and UCLA student, and Obama supporter Alex. They disputed back and forth on topics involving the energy crisis, re-invigorating the economy, tax cuts and education. Just to put it out there, Mitt Romney Supporter Maddie was pretty much dancing around the questions (as did Romney in the presidential debates- go figure) the mediator and Obama supporter Alex threw at her, and even the very outspoken crowd noticed, and participated on Obama’s behalf. It’s a good feeling to know that our generation is paying attention to the facts and becoming more aware of what’s going on within our government.

Now after the debate came the performances. With the artists they had lined up every underground and hipster hip-hop heads should have been in attendance. But alas, there was a free Kendrick Lamar show the same night and well any free concert people are sure to go. No doubt everyone rocked the stage starting with Iman Omari who did a few cuts from his self-titled mixtape. He started off with “Energy” then eased into “Take Away” and “First Time” both songs featuring Good Joon who also joined him on stage. Next up was Yonas Michael and for a small ass crowd he rocked the stage like he was in front of thousands. He started off his set with the intro from his project Lost in Hollywood then rocked us into “House Full of Women”, then he went into “It All Started with the Ooh We”, and into a rocked out version of “Punks”. His last song he did was “Lead the Way” that featured and brought out Polyester The Saint for the next set and when he came to the stage the energy in the room shifted. The crowd got a little more hyped; a little more excited, especially since Polyester Started with his hit “The El Co” then went into “Means the World”. The last performance of the night was Overdoz, but when they hit the stage, they brought the crowd to another level by performing their latest track “Lauren London”, along with “Pasadena” and “Come First”. It’s too bad more people didn’t show up it would have been one for the books but for what it’s worth they did their thing and for those who WERE in attendance we got to see a gnarly showcase.

Shout out to the Just Be Cool crew for organizing a great event!

-Courtney Deleon
All photos by Courtney Lauretano

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