Stoney: Bumpin’ Makaveli

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Single: Bumpin’ Makaveli
Artist: Stoney
Released: November 1, 2012

Bump it up… Louder!

Oakland female emcee, Stoney is back with the very hyperactive track “ Bumpin’ Makaveli”, the second single off her upcoming untitled EP.

Far from his sound, yet “heavily influenced by Tupac’s passion…” Stoney delivers a track that portrays her admiration and the deceased rappers influence on her craft, also incorporating a bit of B.I.G in the mix.

“Baby, baby ride in my mercedes

Got my ladies and we crazy and we all about our fetti

When you ready please just tell me we can function at the telly

Feed my belly like I’m Biggie while I’m Bumpin’ Makaveli…”

The Trackz produced single finds Stoney delivering verses in her genuine, confident, and intimidating raw style, yet keeping a signature flirty tone that takes full embrace of her femininity.

The chorus is an appealing anthem to all the products of the 80s and 90s, “Born broke, getting rich now all I want is dope shit!…”, Stoney speaks on behalf of the hungered individuals that yearn to have it all and strive towards their dreams (as she steady proves for herself).

Y’all really need to fuck with the dope shit coming from Stoney.
Listen to the first single “Lost” and keep a look out for her upcoming EP debut.
In the meantime, keep “Bumpin’ Makaveli”!

-Stace Fresh

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