Words To Live By with Viral One

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Viral One interview by Erin Leigh

This week we caught up with one of LA’s own mural artist Viral One. You’ve got to keep your eyes open for this guys work, it can be found anywhere from industrial, residential and commercial buildings to huge backdrops, buses and vans. His supernormal gas masked females and hazy futuristic landscapes got us curious and we had to find out more about Viral One, his influences, aspirations and what he loves so much about the city of angels.

ISM: First experience with graffiti

My first experience with graffiti was in junior high after reading the ” SOURCE ” magazine, in the back they had some pieces I think mostly from new york. Once I saw the pieces i started doing it. I remember the first piece I saw, it said MILK IT, and it was on a NEW YORK TRAIN.

ISM: Most memorable travel spot and why

Most memorable travel spot would be INDONESIA, traveled there and had a good friend of mine who is a LOCAL show me around and show me the spots.

ISM: Dream spot to paint massive mural


ISM: Downtime

In my downtime I like to work on my own personal pieces at my own pace. I also like to spend time with old friends and new friends.

ISM: Influences in your life and work

A huge influence in my life is SALVADOR DALI, As soon as I saw his stuff as a kid I kind of took drawing and stuff to the next level. I never stopped after that always trying to make something as sick as that dude. Also all of the guys that I got started with from the neighbor hood and schools as a kid. I also really admire the FEMALE GRAFFITI ARTIST MAD C – from GERMANY, her pieces are really amazing. ” PROPS TO MAD C ” KEEP THAT UP !!

ISM: Future aspirations


ISM: One of the best days of your life

INDONESIA, lots of fun.

ISM: One thing you really love about LA

To me LA is like a MACHINE it doesnt stop moving ever Its like no place in the world. Thats what I like about, Its home.

ISM: Words to live by…


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