Recap: Oddisee U.S. Tour With Oliver Daysoul & Jae Nice At The Dakota Lounge

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Sunday night we attended the Dakota Lounge, formerly known as the Temple Bar, in Santa Monica for a Project Live event that was part of the U.S tour for Oddisee’s new album “People Hear What They See”.

Project Live have done an wonderful job at bringing events to LA, filled with good vibes and amazing artist for fans to enjoy; including artists such as Full Crate & Mar, Jesse Boykins II, Robert Raimon Roy, and Iman Omari to name a few. And this event was definitely one to add to the series.

Local LA artist Thurz hosted the event and DJ Spill , Mantron, and Cee Brown were on the 1’s and 2’s providing music and visuals between performances. We arrived at the show a little late so we didn’t get to catch J Pinders performance but you can check out his music at

We got there as Inglewood rapper, Mic Holden was on stage with DJ 7 ready to begin their set. His set was really dope, his flow, beats, and whole vibe was on point. He brought great energy to the stage and kept the crowd pleased.

Up next was Jae Nice. His performance stood out because of the live band he executed his performance with. Each track had a great feel. Towards the middle of his performance he introduced the members of the band and let them all do solos. From the bass, guitar, trumpet, piano, and drums…all of the members were talented. One could instantly tell they put a lot of effort into making sure they had a really dope set. Jae Nice, gave away free shirts to people in the crowd, and to top things off he gave members of the audience signs that read “Represent Jae Nice Represent” quoting one of the songs he performed, making for a great scenery, as from behind the crowd it looked like a huge protest was taking place. He also brought out a guest singer by the name of Kevin who provided some powerful soulful vocals to making the performance even greater. Jae Nice did an excellent job of blending Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, and Rock elements into his music.

Now it was time for the man of the night, Oddisee. By this time it was a full house and the crowd was still vibing off the energy that the previous artist had provided. On stage with him was Trek Life on the turntables and singer Olivier Daysoul, who provided vocals and played along with his guitar. Oddisee’s performance was really entertaining. He has a unique rhyme scheme and stage presence, and his beats sounded perfect on the great sound system that the Dakota Lounge has. In the middle of his set Oddisee said it was time for Oliver to perform a couple songs, giving him a chance to shine solo. Oliver Daysoul’s performance was very soulful, and he also produces alot of his own stuff. Once Oliver was done, Oddisee picked up the mic once again and rocked a few more of his classic tracks. After the Oddisee set was done, he gave a shout out to Trek Life who was DJ’ing. Trek then came up to the front of the stage and grabbed the mic and proceeded to perform some of his songs showing that not only is he a dope DJ, he is also a dope emcee with a raw energetic flow. Shortly after, the show came to an end. Fans stayed and lined up for photos and autographs with Oddisee.

This was a really inspiring event, big ups to Oddisee , the DJ‘s , Thurz, all the performers, the Dakota Lounge, Project Live and all the dope fans who came out to support good music.

Make sure you go get Oddisee’s new album “People Hear What They See”, along with as much of his discography that you can.

-Vincent Martinez (NiceguyxVinny)
All photos by Eric Soul

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