Ras Kass: The BArmegeddon

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Mixtape: The BArmegeddon
Artist: Ras Kass
Released: November 15, 2012

As the Mayan calendar dwindles down to its last days, Ras Kass brings us the BArmegeddon mixtape, presented by Bare Arms Clothing. This is revelations through rap, a cataclysmic break down of sound and science, and a welcome walk through the previous tracks Ras has skated across in recent memory. It also serves as a precursor to the Barmegeddon LP set to drop on December 19th. Go preorder it at raskass.bandcamp.com

This mixtape got heat all across the boards on it. It’s got features from everyone from Crooked I and Kurupt, to Raekwon the Chef, Planet Asia, and Immortal Technique. Ras Kass even got a song with Kendrick Lamar on it over production by DJ Focus. Of course the bar work on the album is outstanding. Check out the darts on the Agallah the Don produced cut, “Coke Lines.”

n*gga you still my stan, mad he can’t fade us
so you should hang yourself, like Tyler the Creator
life ain’t fair, a saint gets aborted, a serial killer is born
evil gets rewarded, Dear Lord, y’all vision is distorted
and I wanna save the world, but my budget can’t afford it
but I deserve that guap like Kanye and Curtis
i’m Mayweather like before I lay in rigamortis
42 and 0 on the mic, retire perfect
a couple new n*ggas hot, now they claiming he the furnace
they ask if Ras can spit on the sun and burn it
is Sandusky guilty? Y’all already know the verdict
yeah… I’m in the club, poppin’ bottles of moet
with a Magic Johnson portable AIDS test
looking up this dame’s dress, but I don’t mean no harm
amino acid ratchet rap rapid fire bars.

Ras Kass on “Coke Lines”

Bars. It’s like the word of the day. If you are into raps, this should knock you unconscious trying to decode every last piece of the scripture. “The Great Recession” (a preview track from the Barmegeddon LP) finds Ras in “Nature of The Threat” mode dropping historical facts and natural disaster warnings. “2999” reunites the 4 horsemen and “Californication” welcomes David Banner to LA, county jail style after a night of wilding out.

Ras isn’t afraid to switch up his style and even gets ratchet for a minute for all the hoodrats out there who can’t fuck with the bars. But Fort Knox got bars, Wasco got bars, and mos def Razzy got bars. And that’s like sniffing up lines of cyanide. This is a powerful tape, and it’s great to hear one of the west coast’s most underrated talents and phenomenal wordsmith shine like this. Some of these tracks may have appeared on other projects, but hearing them consolidated on this single mixture gives you a whole new respect for Ras and his hustle. Look out for the Barmegeddon LP dropping soon. The high water mark has been set and Rasis looking to exceed all expectations.

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Download – The BArmegeddon Mixtape

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