Action Bronson: Rare Chandeliers

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Mixtape: Rare Chandeliers
Artist: Action Bronson
Released: November 15, 2012

Audacious enough to brag about his son getting his dick sucked by prostitutes at the age of four, Action Bronson returns to season your broth with his trademark culinary raps. This time around, the Alchemist steps into the kitchen and bakes the meatloaf when it comes to the production work on Rare Chandeliers. Lavish is an understatement.

Check the cover art out. There’s a naked go-go bitch with a knife and a alligator strapped with automatic weaponry. There’s what looks like mortal kombat being thrown down in front of a wizard, there’s a car on fire, and of course Bronsonelli himself, complete with blunt, orange sunglasses, sawed off shotgun and a tuxedo with a wolf hat. Look that over, I’m sure you won’t be mistaken. Bronson brings that all to the table when he drops the hammer on the mic.

in only one year, considered as a veteran
top of the line, the whip look like tropical lime
off the boat cousin, glock by the spine
do a murder 7:30 then they flying at 9
shit… hair spring, half twisted to the buick
you say you doing shit but never do it
i say i’m doing shit and then i do it
never going back to work and labor
fuck that, your little chain you better tuck that
uh, vultures flying over the carcass
bitches blowing on my dick like a cartridge
throw some grass up, aim a little east of the target
my brain was sculpted at harvard
never mention all of the crime i’ve been a part of (never)

Action Bronson on “The Symbol”

And that’s just as things start heating up. ScHoolboy Q, Roc Marciano, Styles P, Sean Price and Evidence all join Bronson on the mic like accomplices to the perfect murder. Action Bronson might really just need some pineapple juice to compliment his roast turkey sandwich, but you’re better off with him spitting some shit to make a lesbian cry. Bronson pledges his allegiance to the game on “Bitch I Deserve You.” The heartfelt horns and dancing keys will stain the way Bronson throws a bitch into the cobra clutch permanently into your memory. Other stand out cuts include “Blood Of The Goat”, “Modern Day Revelations” and of course the title track.

This is an excursion past the large round table where the bosses meet. It might even be a “Gateway to Wizardry”. It’s sure to whet your appetite one way or another. You can strip your vixens to it, sniff your brains out to it, or even skewer lamb kebobs to it. Action Bronson brings the pen game a la carte with mad flavor and the Alchemist cements his track record as a tastemaker and gourmet chef with his production work that’s sure to get you swinging from Rare Chandeliers. Make sure you download it here.

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