B.o.B: Fuck Em We Ball

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Mixtape: Fuck Em We Ball
Artist: B.o.B
Released: November 15, 2012

Its Bobby Ray’s birthday week and he gives his fans a gift from himself. Fuck Em We Ball has hit the internet and it is not what you would expect from B.o.B. You can tell he had fun with this project. Pretty much every song is trill and contains content that exudes rap gold; drugs, women and money. I mean Fuck em we ball!! With a star studded guest list: Juicy J, T.I., Spodee, Iggy Azelea, Mac Miller, and Snoop, he also has a few skit from some players in the game, Curtis Snow, Kevin Hart and Playboy Tre. B.o.B. has many different types of rap styles that he fluctuates through- as heard on his album Strange Clouds, but we all know the difference between albums and mixtapes, and this time around he shows us what ATL is all about and makes a cd for his fans to just ride to. Definitely a trill ass tape.

B.o.B starts the tape off with a message from Obama (not really him) and it definitely sets the tone for FEWB. B.o.B is a comical rapper and whatever he does is going to be entertaining. Whether it’s his many voices or hilarious ass punch lines – like the first 2 tracks “Campaign” feat. Playboy Tre and “Dynomite”– which samples the popular Black Dynamite sound bite. set the tone for the tape…

“Boy with all this Louis, Mr Vuitton might sue me/ wait a minute hoe you don’t know me/ no of you retards can do me/ everyone know what I’m one cuz everyone know I’m usually smokin Dynomite- I’m with that Dynomite”.

The title track, “Fuck Em We Ball” feat. Spodee produced by Featherstones, stands out due to Bob’s rhymes and the different dimensions to the instrumental, while the Mike Will produced track “Still In This B*tch”, features a more solid verse from Juicy J and T.I.

“I’m on my square blowin circles in the air/ of that purple I’m a boss you a worker listen here bo you don’t make me hurt/ you want trouble I got plenty how you want it full or semi/ I’m so rich I ball so what you kickin don’t offend me…”

My favorite song on here is “Best Friend” with Iggy Azelea and Mac Miller. The chemistry these three have on this track is undeniable and you can tell they had fun recording it because this song is hilarious and indeed a banger.

“Poppin poppin poppin tags always with a shopping bag/ she go to Clark Atlanta but she always hop in cabs/ All Star weekend she be where the lobby at/ lookin for the slobstick, all she need is hockey pads…”

Towards the end of the tape he tones it down with song that he’s known for “Roll One Up” inspirational songs with a more substance- bass-heavy soundscapes with the lessons learned between soul searching and living the luxurious life.

“First class through the plush, I touch down to infuse it up/ hit the stage, blew it up/I’m not alone there’s a crew with us/ We party hard I take shots I had a few but I threw them up/ Vegas nights, Jacuzzi tub, Someone fly that hooker up…”

Fuck Em We Ball ends up being a great mixtape. B.o.B brings a great mix of variety to keep the listener interested throughout the 18 tracks. While B.o.B’s flow gets repetitive at times the quality of the guest spots and the samples more than makes up for this. This is definitely a tape with staying power and will be heard throughout the holiday season. Check it out here.

-Courtney Deleon

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