Roc Marciano: Reloaded

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Album: Reloaded
Artist: Roc Marciano
Released: November 13, 2012

This is another saga in the tradition of godfather rap classics. The scope of fashion, crime, beautiful women, drugs and gunplay on this album makes you think Marciano should be writing screenplays for Scorsese. His word play is elegant yet violent at the same time. It’s so blaxploitationally on point, Black Dynamite would cruise around in a Rolls Royce to it, or better yet, Donald Goines would rig syringes of black tar heroin to it before sitting down at his typewriter.

In the short and sweet… this right here is pyrex. Straight from 1970 something to the 2000 now. Expect vintage loops with minimal drums. It’s New York in all of its glory. Surprisingly, Roc holds down most of the production work himself. He has a knack for picking samples that create a mood perfect for gun toting, extortion, seduction and weed smoke. The beats made by Roc do an excellent job of allowing his rhymes to take center stage. Alchemist and Q-Tip also lend their skills to the album, but no matter who’s behind the decks, Roc Marciano’s pen game commands a presence like a bank heist.

as a dove flew out the glove of a magician
it was just as i predicted… reality is prescripted
trees twisted autistic, gorgeous hitmen escort the vixen
portions of imported liquids
to buy snakes and acquired tastes, who play for higher stakes
wine and dine by the fireplace
romantic… strawberries on the coke
my chariot approached, i vanished
parlaying with the players, switch layers. mr. rogers
galoshes, foxes that dance topless
i hit the spot that’s erogenous, erotic
brolic hips, hippopotamus, chocolate bitch
the clock that is swiss, the chronic is lit, gin and tonic
the mix, the benzes is six, inside the matrix i’m the glitch
.357 with the rubber grip, so when the beef cock
that shit don’t slip…

“Flash Gordon” by Roc Marciano

Roc Marciano weaves together tales of criminology on a cuban link level. “Thug’s Prayer, Pt. 2” finds Marc pissing off of skyscrapers, and “Nine Spray” is a throwback to Jeru the Damaja, with a haunting beat and nickel plated bar work. The deluxe edition features 3 extra songs, all worth their weight in pure cocaine. Roc got the “fishscale the same color as Kevin McHale” so you know it’s dope.

Put Roc Marciano in the cannon of hip hop right next to Kool G Rap and Raekwon the Chef. He’s an emcee’s emcee and never strings his pearls before swine. The lyrics all across the board on this release are top notch. It’s like watching a James Bond intro theme featuring nothing but fly shit. Reloaded will have you placing the mp3’s of these songs into your iPod like hollow point rounds into the extendo clip. It’s murder in motion, and definitely one of the best releases of 2012. Make sure you cop it on itunes.

-you know ya man’s @DropJewelz.

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