Words To Live By With Kevin Peterson

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Kevin Peterson interview by Erin Leigh

Artist Kevin Peterson, Austin Texas, has a way with color that is so magnetizing and utterly perfect that at your first glance you see a photograph, at second glance you begin to realize it’s truth, by the third you are right in the middle of his brilliantly executed contrasted world of struggle and hope. Peterson has a clear depiction of the struggles of life and uses first hand experiences to relate with his audience but it is his undertone of optimism and vulnerability that has kept our attention. This month Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, presented Amended, his first solo exhibition for the gallery and we got to see the work up close. We were so intrigued with the man behind this point of view that we had to find out a little more and caught up with him for this weeks Words To Live By.

ISM: Where and when it all began?

When I was born! No, I mean, Ive always loved drawing since I was a little kid. I really started getting serious about my art 6 years ago after I was fired from being a probation officer. I had a bit of a drinking problem which led to some issues with the law. I’ve been sober ever since and really focused on developing my career as an artist.

ISM: Three things we have got to do when we visit Houston

1. Come to Winter Street Studios and visit my studio!
2.Check out the Menil Collection
3. Rothko Chapel

ISM: Most colorful day in your life

When I was Rainbow Bright for Halloween

ISM: Favorite time of day

I’m definitely a night person. I often get nothing done until the sun goes down.

ISM: One guilty pleasure

I would say nicotine gum. I used it to quit smoking over 3 years ago but I seem to be incapable of quitting the gum now.

ISM: Music you’ve been listening to lately

Spoon, Tribe Called Quest, Whiskeytown. I listen to a lot of audiobooks too while I paint.

ISM: Surf or ski?

Well, I went skiing one time in my life and basically fell all the way down a huge mountain, it was unpleasant. Ive never been surfing but I’d like to try it so I’ll go with surfing.

ISM: Something you are really looking forward to

Probably my Honeymoon in March. I’m not even sure where we’re gonna go but it will be the beach somewhere.

ISM: A dream collaboration

I think it would be very cool to work with an old school, legendary type graffiti writer. I actually talked to COPE II about a possible collabo a while back, we need to make that happen.

ISM: Words to live by

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”
– Thomas Jefferson

“Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte

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