Fabolous – The Soul Tape 3

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Artist: Fabolous
Mixtape: The Soul Tape 3
Released: December 25, 2013

In tune with his holiday tradition, Fabolous released The Soul Tape 3 on Dec 25, ringing in the season with a compilation of tracks reflecting life and love through his signature rap lens, capturing witty punchlines, gritty flow, and a multitude of entendres (double-meaning lyrics) to deliver a package we’ve become familiar with throughout the Soul Tape Series.

Setting off The Soul Tape 3 with its striking beat is track 3, titled “Playa.” Produced by Sonaro and inspired by Brooklyn’s greatest emcee, the track channels The Notorious B.I.G.’s comedic song “Playa Hater,” which Fabolous draws off of to delve into cautionary rhymes of slipping while evoking the act of balling, advising that “(ya) shoulda left that baller shit for the Lakers.”

The next track follows suit with “The Get Back” sampling another Brooklyn legend. Jay Z’s “Dead Presidents” provides the perfect backdrop for Fab to re-emerge and address his rivals, simply stating “we shine, we make the ambience.” Fab constructs his verbal jabs with clever wordplay, often featuring descriptive street scenery and provocative storytelling. Shots taken at Kendrick Lamar had me pressing rewind; Fab’s cadence is strong here as he takes his aim:

“They just killed his vibe/
They just killed his vibe/
There’s something ’bout killin shit that makes us feel alive/
We feed off your energy/
We see you on that Kenny G/
Just tooting your own horn/
Do your thing my n-i-g/
Whenever you Ven Aqui/
to that mighty NYC/
We gon check that name you claim”

Sorry I’m not sorry with that gutter Bed-Stuy-representing-Brooklyn-type of lyrical flow that get me going though! Mixing New York-bred hip hop stylings with the new, Fab pairs with Jadakiss on track 6, titled “The Hope.” Produced by Araab Muzik, the track glistens atop a booming bassline, using soul loops to sharpen each bar Jadakiss delivers:

“Never show your hand/
they’re dying to see your spades/
I’m married to the game/
your dying to get engaged”

The Soul Tape 3 also includes some tracks for the ladies, including “Cuffin Season,” which contains a sample of Bobby Vinton’s “Sealed With a Kiss,” “Situationships”, “Thim Slick,” featuring Jeremih and “Lay Down” featuring Ryan Leslie. Proclaiming his admiration for the fairer sex, Fab is mindful of the type of relationship that permeates amongst the youth of society, coining the term “Situationships.” Recruiting Mack Wilds and Tiara Thomas, the track samples heated dialogue from the 90’s sitcom Martin (in which Gina and Martin are arguing), showcasing the tumultuous relationships both male and female alike partake in.

Wrapping up The Soul Tape 3 is the the last track titled “Young OG,” which showcases Fab’s ability for painting vivid street tales, offering a glimpse of the reality that engulfs Bed-Stuy and its surrounding world, unapologetically explaining that “the saddest stories come from those that once had the glory.” Indicative of the rap potency his city possesses, Fab restores faith among his fans with Soul Tape 3, delivering one last punchline for the latest installment of the Soul Tape series.

Stream/download The Soul Tape 3, Also make sure you check out the video to “Everything Was The Same” feat. Stacy Barthe below!

-Leslie Dizon
(Aka Big L)

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