Dengue Dengue Dengue – Son de los Diablos

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Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue’s return to Enchufada with new EP, ‘Son De Los Diablos’ — a record named after the traditional dance of the same name, Spanish for ‘From the Devils’. Brought over the duo’s native Peru by Spanish conquistadors, it originally took the form of a procession of dancers and musicians that would take to Lima’s streets wearing devil masks, absorbing the cultural and musical traditions of the local Afroperuvian slave population of the time. A core influence in modern Peruvian music and culture today, Afroperuvian styles also continue to inform the music of Dengue Dengue Dengue, as seen in RBMA’s recent ‘Afro-Peruvian Beats’ documentary.

This inspiration is especially prominent on the title track ‘Son De Los Diablos’, which incorporates traditional instruments such as the cajita, but also on ‘Buscando’, where the duo recorded with members of the Ballumbrosio family — the prominent lineage of musicians and dancers widely regarded as leading ambassadors of Afroperuvian music, dance and culture. As the band explains, the song was “a big step forward”, as it was the first time the duo recorded every rhythmic element with live musicians, giving the track “the flow and cadence only live musicians can achieve”, as well as a vocal sample from one of Peru’s biggest stars, Lucha Reyes. The EP continues with final tracks ‘Flootz’ and ‘Cobre’, through which Dengue Dengue Dengue further explore their own unique blend of entrancing South American and African rhythms and melodies.

Listen to the EP below. Enjoy!

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