Bumbershoot Day 2 Recap: The Kids Are Alright With J. Cole, Young Thug, Bas, Saweetie, And More!

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Saturday afternoon we returned to the Seattle Center for Day 2 of Bumbershoot. We started our day at the Fisher Stage while the sassy bonafide talent ParisAlexa was set to perform. Paris recently dropped her project Flexa earlier this year, which shows the maturity of the Paris and her journey. Her performance only enhanced her music seeing the stylish vocalist, making beats on the fly, singing and light choreography. You can really see her progression when she performed fan favorite “Ballin” the crowd went wild with her. If you know what good for you, you’ll give her listen before she takes over.


Cozz had a strong set, we arrived at “ Knock the Hustle” stoked. Hearing his clear intricate delivery and the beats live were just the way we wanted to start our Saturday. Cozz continued to slay mic as he went on to “Bout It”; doing call and response to the crowd it was genuine vibes. Definitely going to keep my ear out for Cozz, as you should.

We arrive to SassyBlack to hear her doing spoken word, and a small comedy bit about her making her own beats and “murder she wrote”. Sassy’s beautiful and charismatic personality made her a delight to watch as if you were spending time with her in the studio. She played some new beats and harmonize futuristic soul rhythms. We’re looking forward to hearing the new music she putting out this year.

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Saweetie was sexy, fierce and on point. She hit the stage strutting a ponytail and a furry rainbow bra with her dancers going ham in the background. Icy bay area flows and sassy delivery she was right at home as the whole crowd was rocking. If you never heard of Saweetie you were definitely singing the hook by the time she was done. “B.A.N” and “Up Now” were the standouts of her performance.

We then headed over to Washingtons own Travis Thompson and the crowd was thick. I had the opportunity of watching Travis grow his Aubaum fanbase over the past two years and one thing you can’t take away from this young man is his ability to rap. His super passionate delivery was effortless and you could tell he was in his element. A few standouts were the smooth banger “True Religions” with Nyles Davis and a single called “Joyride.”


By this time we arrived to the MainStage to see Young Thug hadn’t started yet. He ended up being about 10-15 late. He went on to perform about 2 songs getting the crowd amped with “Check” and then the sound malfunctioned. There was probably another 5 mins were Thug stayed off stage until the sound was back working. From that point, everything was in action performing hits like “Digits,” “Best Friend” and “Lifestyle.” Thugger didn’t hesitate to perform new cuts from Slime Language like “Dirty Shoes”, and “Chanel” it was a vibey performance worth the wait.

We then rushed over to catch Yuno and the band going at it. Yuno was jamming on a beat machine, singing with a guitar. The salmon rocking introverted singer was performing his last song “No Going Back.” That being my jam, was a highlight of the day plus I had no idea that was him shredding the guitar at the end of the song. Highly anticipating some new Yuno music in the future; if you haven’t checked him out be sure to give a listen.

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Bas was on stage with high energy captivating crowd swaying word for word. His flows were so dope and bouncy it made really easy to groove to songs even if the crowd was completely unfamiliar. My favorites were “Methylone and Boca Raton”

T-Pain’s set was unfair, I mean this guy has too many hits. I was looking forward to “Sprung” and “Bartender” which killed along with a plethora of other bangers and new tracks like “Might Be.” Where he decided to lose his mind, is when he live remixed a version of Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown and him on the beat machine and the crowd went nuts. As far as showmanship goes; ya’ll can just go ahead and give that to T-Pain.

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J. Cole the headliner of the night hit the stage with “Window Pain.” Huge white KOD cloud balloons float above him as the crowd was literally rapping over him. His performance consisted of sincerity and strong delivery going through hits from all of the projects but certainly spent time giving fans the new material. From “Work Out” to “Kevin’s Heart “ Cole crafted a stage full of thoughtful cuts the whole stadium enjoyed. At the end of the night, he left with a literal bang and brought out the fireworks, nice touch.

That wraps up Day 2 of Bumbershoot. Stay tuned for Day 3, and check out more photos below!

Words by Sean Jackson. Photos by Jr Gonzalez.



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