Thurz: 517 W Queen Tape

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Mixtape: 517 W Queen Tape
Artist: Thurz
Released: September 4, 2012

“This ain’t no trap muzik… but you should fuck with it.

Won’t run your credit, it’s on me for free
This is my proof of work, no love, my pay stub
I know you’re hungry, this a delicacy, go grub”

Thurz on “Great Going Good.

Who said everything coming out of Los Angeles right now was ratchet? Don’t be fooled, the city still got more styles than the Slauson swap meet.

Inglewood stand up. The roaring lion on the cover of this mixtape is symbolic of a king in the concrete jungle. If Prince Zamunda had heard this tape before coming to America, most likely he’d be in the Wood looking for girls off of west Queen street. But be careful cuffing these chicks now-a-days, most of them are just “Another Number.”

And that brings us to the jump off track on the 517 W Queen Tape. BJ the Chicago Kid laces another amazing hook while Thurz drops game about everything from garlic butter on lobster to conniving jezebels hanging on your blue collar. The instrumental is provided by THX who brings the digital funk like transporting contraband through US customs.

Now check the album credits and you’ll find the beatsmiths who sculpted the sound of the project. TDE’s own Willie B keeps things hiiipowered by leaving his fingerprints on both “Hellraiser” and “Blood On The Canvas.” DJ Dahi got up twice as well lending his talents to “LNS” and “Are You Not” (which paves a road to hell with compliments and flattery.)

Ro Blvd provides the most beats for 517 W Queen tho, producing 5 of the 16 cuts on the project, including stand out tracks “Nosey People” (which samples JJ Fad’s “Supersonic” just like MF Doom’s ” Hoe Cakes”) and “FNC” (which finds Thurz on his fly n*gg@ campaign throwing shots of saki back while warning you about the pitfalls of lightweight suckers)

There’s a lot to bounce, rock, and roller skate to right here. It sounds futuristic while still being grounded firmly in the traditions of hip hop. This tape could be to the fall what Dom Kennedy’s “The Yellow Album” was to the summer. Don’t sleep. Thurz is an introspective emcee who gives a lot of thought to his lyrics before committing them to the mic. And whether he’s waxing poetics about the streets, women, or losing his swim trunks, he definitely got what it takes to rock the mic right. He’s an emerging young voice that will definitely command a presence in the years to come.

The skits are all well produced on this album, but I’d rather hear Thurz express himself than let his homies goof off on such buttery beats. They don’t take away from the project as a whole, in fact they give you a glimpse into the support system around the talent. But for real tho, some of them skit instrumentals were definitely worthy of verses from Thurz.

“Product of the riots,
product of father displays
but mom knew how to fly it
i guess i’m raised violent
flying with the porsche
me and my eyelid blew open
to the rat faces trying to plot in silence (it is what it is)
that’s why we dead ’em
keep ’em quiet, bury ’em
through the thought of my faith
that’s 8 plates, olympic weight
a few bodies, adidas and sneakers
live with it at the cemetery at the finish
business for morticians
no turning off that killer instinct
in addition to the recipe of truth spitting
granny’s ambition
in love with my granpop…
rest in peace old player ways
i think i got an uncle prolly under my age somewhere
so you figure these broads is drawn to a real nigga
with clear vision of where he came and where he going
it’s mathematics… so check ya bitch ass ho”

Thurz on the very west coast sounding “Keep The Fiath” featuring Rocki Evans and Rich Kidd

And remember ho is not short for honey. Keep an eye out for Thurz’s upcoming project, “Blood On The Canvas.” It’s sure to make waves and be the entree to this little appetizer, but in the meanwhile… download the 517 W Queen Tape right , here , roll something good up and vibe out to some fresh cali shit.

ya know ya man’s Drop Jewelz.

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